Welcome to my story

So, I wrote my “I see you” post at 1:30am, and this morning, after some sleep and some coffee, I reread it and picked it apart. Haha.

I think what I’m mostly trying to say is that after 2 weeks of trying to figure out my niche in the blog world, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not here to reinvent the wheel and have a glamorous mommy blog, or a drool-worthy food blog. I’m in no position to offer housekeeping advice or organization tips and tricks. That’s not for me. But sharing my story, my life, as I live it…that’s me. I feel pressure to be my “highlight reel,” that’s up on my social media. Pinterest wants me to do.all.the.things. I can only do some of the things. 😏 I’m just an average mom, who likes to share her story and hear that I’m not the only one, and I love when others share their stories with me.

So I’m here, sharing my story with you, and hoping that your take away is that being imperfect is perfect. No one is perfect. Some of us are just really good at faking it. I want to connect over life. I share, hoping you’ll share, too. That’s what the comment section is for. 😉 I decided this is not going to be another mom blog, saying what millions of other mom blogs are saying, even though I was thinking that’s what I should be.

So welcome to my story. Hopefully I get to learn some of yours, too. 💕


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