Exciting things finally coming to the blog!

Hey everyone!!! Hope your summer is treating you well and you’re staying cool! 😎


I just wanted to take take a moment to say that I have some exciting things (at least exciting to me. Ha!) planned for the blog, once I get some kinks worked out, like the current inability to upload pictures. I just renewed my space for another year, and the decision to do that required a commitment to actually doing something with it. 😏 I write all the time, I just rarely post any of it because it’s “not good enough.” I’m working through that, and I’m really excited!

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Stay tuned! I’m looking forward to turning this space into the blog I’ve dreamed of for years. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Instagram!

Much love!  XO

A bad dream and a conclusion

I hesitated to write this post, because I feel like my last couple of posts ( here  and here) have been a bit negative, and today was more painful growth, but it’s a part of my journey and this blog is the story of my journey (and I’m done saying journey, because it sounds cliche and I’m annoying myself with it).

I realized today that we’re each like an onion Continue reading →

A new journey, at 34

I think I’ve finally decided what I want to do with this blog. Clearly I’m non-commital about it, given my use of the words “I think,” but I think I have. ?

I wrote this post a couple weeks ago. I was struggling with some things, and thinking long and hard about it all. I wanted to write about it, and make a commitment to some changes, but I was so afraid I’d quit. I always quit. ? So I left it unpublished, so that when I gave up again, no one would know.  Continue reading →

A post years in the making…

Me and my babies on a super warm summer day, July 2011

Me and my babies on a super warm summer day, July 2011

I’m sitting here at 10:30am on a Friday morning. My kiddos are at their dad’s; my husband is at work. Molly, our pup, is sprawled out on the floor, trying to stay cool during our first week of heat. I’m quietly enjoying my coffee, and thinking.

I love thinking. I love quiet. I love being alone. A Facebook article recently told me I’m an Continue reading →

Sermon reflections on a Sunday morning

Have you ever struggled to hear God speak to you?  Over and over, you go to Him in prayer, but it seems like He’s so far away, or He’s forgotten about you?  Even when you know in your heart the Lord doesn’t forget about His children, sometimes the struggle is still there…why isn’t God hearing me?  Why won’t He answer me?


I’ve been wrestling with my own version of that lately.  It’s not so much that God is silent, but He’s Continue reading →

Thoughts as I approach my 34th birthday

I just reread my last post, the supposed “update.” Ha! I don’t think I could have been anymore vague. To quote my bestie, “I read it, expecting to read something good, and I was like, ‘that’s it?!'” Yes, yes. That was it. ?

In my defense, I spent hours and hours writing so much and then deleting it. I guess that post was more for me, than anything. And I needed to confess my struggle with depression, because I’m super grateful to be out of it. Depression is so crippling. ?

On another, yet somewhat related note, I’ve been doing some thinking. Continue reading →

On being friends with your kids (a former teen mom’s perspective)


I posted this image to Facebook and Instagram this morning…

On being friends with your kids (a former teen mom's perspective)

with the caption “Love this girlie so much. ❤️ The bond we have is so special, and even last night, Ryan told us we fight like sisters and it’s true. ? Sometimes we forget to have the mother/daughter thing, because we’ve sort of grown up together. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. ❤️” Continue reading →