Organizational Supplies for the Homeschool Room

Yesterday, I shared some basic back to school supplies for homeschoolers.. Today, I’d like to share some organizational supplies for the homeschool room, because let’s be honest…we’ve all wasted precious learning time trying to hunt down that one thing we need that we can’t seem to find. 😑

Having great organization won’t help your kids remember to grab a pencil before showing up (is it just my kids??) but it will help you keep your sanity for a bit longer.  Some days, I could use all the help in the sanity department that I can get. Can I get an amen?? 😏

Just like choosing curriculum for your homeschool is unique to you and your kids, and involves some trial and error, organization in your homeschool is unique, and will change as your needs change. What I need for our space now is vastly different from what we needed 5 years ago. Don’t stress over it, if it’s not working, and let yourself find something new, that does work.


organizational supplies for homeschoolers

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1. Shelving
This one is probably pretty obvious, because it’s so essential. There will be books, books, and more books, along with workbooks, notebooks, and a plethora of items you never knew you needed. Shelves are a necessity. I currently have some basic shelves I bought at Target eons ago (similar to this, but you can find them anywhere, and in any price range. I personally love these)

2. Storage carts
My sister does a workbox system with her kids and really likes it. She uses this storage cart

and you can usually get it at a craft supply store with a 40% off coupon!!
I also like these for storing craft paper, craft supplies, and workbooks.

3. Small office supply caddy
I’m drooling over this supply caddy right now.

If a large table is your usual workspace, this lazy Susan style organizer puts daily essentials within everyone’s reach!

4. This style desktop organizer is on my wishlist for this year. We have a lot of notebooks floating around each day, and I’d like a central space for them to congregate.

I’m hoping its in my immediate future, and that my kids learn to put those notebooks away when they’re done with them. 😉

5. I can’t believe it took me until #5 for me to remember my favorite tool! Our curriculum has its own schedule we follow, but for everything else, I love this planner from Blue Sky.

I use mine for planning commitments outside the home, I write our meal plan in it, and I keep track of our school year. I even schedule reminders for myself, like pulling out the upcoming season’s clothing, calling to make yearly appointments, and changing out our toothbrushes. Everything goes in here, and I don’t have to worry about it. As a bonus, I can leave it open to the current week on my desk and everyone can see what we have going on, what we’re eating, and when my husband will be working and when he’ll be home (his schedule varies). I prefer a paper planner over just using my smartphone for this reason.

6. Large whiteboard
We use our whiteboard as a central info center. The date, important reminders, items we’re currently memorizing…all go on the whiteboard, along with daily lessons and teachings. It’s one of our most utilized supplies. Highly recommend.

7. Cabinet with doors
Even the best of intentions fall short sometimes, and this includes organization. For that reason, sometimes it’s best to have a little space for stuff behind closed doors. 😉 A closet works well for this, or a cabinet. (In our house, we have a cabinet we call “The School Cabinet” that once housed almost all of our supplies, but has since been partly converted into a snack pantry. My husband somehow missed the memo about the move, and spent almost a week wondering when I was going to buy him snacks again!! His eyes when he opened the door and saw what his hungry belly had been missing out on?? Priceless!! 😂)
Anyway…a closed cabinet is great for housing items you’re constantly grabbing for, and hastily putting away at the end of the day. For me, it’s workbooks, math manipulatives, and all of our paper. I like the ability to close it up when company comes, and not worry too much if it’s a mess. 😉

8. An open mind
I know, this last one is not an actual object, but it’s just as important. Keeping an open mind when it comes to organization is essential. Just because your workbooks have always gone on top of the bookcase does not mean this is always the best way. Or maybe you really want that desktop organizer that spins (like me!) but it’s just not in your budget…what can you repurpose to fill the need? Our current pencil/small supply basket is actually a utensil and napkin holder, along with a chip and dip basket. 😏 I removed the dip dish, and it sits on top of the microwave for our car keys, and sticky notes, paper clips, etcetera, fit perfectly! I had a need and I made it work. That’s the main goal in organization, and keeping an open mind will get you there faster.

We keep things pretty simple here, so if I’m missing anything that helps out in your own homeschooling, leave it in the comments!!

Here’s to a great year. 😊

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