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So I’m trying this new thing in 2017 where I actually cook dinner for my family. And so far, it’s going pretty well (if I try not to think about the number of pizzas we’ve already consumed in spite of my resolutions 😆)

I decided a long time ago that the more children you add to your family, the less likely you are to serve a meal everyone will love, but hey – that doesn’t keep me from trying! And if 3 out of 4 picky kids like it? I call that a win. 🙌🏻

Irish Beef Stew (recipe from )

Irish Beef Stew (recipe from )

This is Irish Beef Stew from Lauren’s Latest (link to recipe below.) If you’re not familiar with her, go check her out! She’s amazing. I whipped up her stew over mashed potatoes and it was perfect for a chilly winter evening. 👌🏻 And despite having my pickiest eater cry his way through dinner, this recipe is going in the regular rotation. This is soul food for me, and my girls loved it.

Do you have a picky eater? What are your best meals for making everyone in your house happy? Comment below! 👇🏻


Recipe link –

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