I see you

I’ve been doing a lot of work on this site this week, trying to revamp it and turn it into something I’ve dreamed of it being for a long time now. I’ve been blogging on and off for 7 years or so, always under the same title, “heart of a country girl.” The name is twofold…I’m a pure country/farm girl at heart, even if I live in the Detroit suburbs, and because, as an introvert, my blog has always been a place to share what’s deep in my heart. Introverts think and process all the time, sometimes too much, and verbalizing those thoughts can be so difficult. Writing is a tool to let those thoughts reach the surface, to be shared with those around us. It feels beautiful to me.

In working on this blog so much this week, and pouring over blogs and posts and Pinterest pins and Instagram accounts and so much stuff, I knew I fell into the mommy blog category. I mean, I’m a mom…and I blog. Simple, right? But it doesn’t feel that simple.

I learned, from a random site I found on google, that there are over 4 million mom blogs. 4 million!! All these women, posting recipes and outfit ideas and decorating tips. Meal plans, chore charts, and housekeeping routines. And that’s great. I love reading their stuff!! But do I fall in that category? This blog, that I’ve come to love over the past several years? No. I don’t think I do. And although I had a ton of fun writing my two homeschool posts and learning how to write in Amazon links, that’s not where my heart is. That’s not all this is, to me.

I’m a mom. An average mom. A real mom. My house is a regular house, probably way too small for us. It doesn’t have a “theme.” My minivan is always a mess, even though I left the toddler phase awhile ago and my big kids and I should know better. 😏 I put off dishes until the morning and then get super mad at myself when the morning comes. I learned 8 years into motherhood how amazing coffee is and it’s been fueling me ever since. I will probably always leave laundry in baskets until my kids yell at me, and I shut my bedroom door when company comes and cringe when my kids open it at the wrong second. I’m divorced, and remarried. I’m learning that “not being friends with your teen” can be super hard. I’ve watched my babies turn into toddlers, then preschoolers, and now I watch as they turn into adolescents and I keep finding gray hairs on my head. I’m convinced they’re related!

I’m real. And I have so much more to share than recipes and chore charts. I’m sure those things may make an appearance, but they’re not the core of this website. The core…the thing I want to say to you right now, dear reader…is that being “normal” is perfect. Being imperfect is beautiful. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are exactly who your husband and your kids need. You’re irreplaceable to them. Especially to your children. God placed you with them on purpose, and them with you. Destiny.

When I write here, on this blog, I am writing to you. I’m reminding you of your worth, and your importance. Let’s be honest…sometimes we feel overworked and underappreciated, amiright?? We’re in this together, figuring it out, sharing our lives. Our imperfections. This blog is my story, but yours is just as important.

The thing I’ve read over and over, reading blog advice, is “what do you want to say?” That’s what your blog should say.

This is what I want to say…there are far more “regular” moms for every glamorous internet mom. Social media is sucking our joy out of our role as a wife and mother, and leaving us feeling inadequate and incapable. This era of parenting is hard. We’re in uncharted territory. But I see you. I am you. I’m not glamorous or beautiful or put together all the time. My nail polish is chipping and my floor needs swept and my 7 year old still sneaks into my bed at night. Heck, my 9 year old spent half the night with me last night, too. But I’m trying. You are trying. I know you are. You’re doing your best. And you want to be seen.

I see you. And I’m talking to you. And I’m proud of you.

That is what I want to say.

And if I hear from you, even better. 💕  (follow up thoughts here, after getting some sleep and thinking on it a bit more)





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