Couch Projects for Sleepy Days

couch projects for sleepy days

Today was supposed to be super productive for me. It’s my last Thursday my kids have at their dad’s before I go back to work, and we start school full time. This is always my day for getting my house in order one last time before the crazy hits.  My dog had other plans, though, which started at 3:00am, when she wanted to party. I’ve been struggling with insomnia lately, so even though I had just gone to bed a few hours before, getting up to let her out had me awake for a couple hours. She woke me twice more after I managed to fall back asleep.

I’m sleepy today. Super sleepy.  The *just want to sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day* kind of sleepy. But I had planned for productivity today, and letting the day go to waste is such a hard thing to do.

Some days are like this. Some days we have more to do than the energy to do it, and that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s okay to “take a day off” and try again tomorrow.  I wish I had gotten more done today, but fortunately, I do have tomorrow to accomplish what I missed out on today.

I decided to make a list of what I’ll call “couch projects,” for days like today, when you’re too drained for what you had planned, but you don’t want to feel like the day was completely wasted. These things are helpful for day to day life, but can be done from the couch, while watching a movie (or two!)

Couch Projects for Sleepy Days

“Couch Projects” for Sleepy Days

1. Meal planning. This can include all meals, and not just dinner. Look for new recipes to try. Shop sales ads. Make your grocery list. I see hours of work, without getting up. 😉

2. Scheduling. Have you updated your planner? Scheduled those doctor and dentist appts? Penciled in a coffee date with your BFF? Invited mom and dad over for dinner, or booked the babysitter for date night with the hubby? Do it now.

3. Seasonal plans. We’re entering Fall soon, and I’ve got a bit of a bucket list going in my head. I need to take some time and research the best/cheapest/funnest things to do in my area this time of year. It’s an easy thing to do while cuddling with the dog and watching Netflix. And it changes 4 times per year!

4. Folding laundry. This is kind of a no brainer, but I stink at it. On days when I’m tired, I tackle one basket after another while listening to music or watching tv. I don’t even have to worry about putting most of it away, because my kids help with that.

5. Paper sorting. If you’re a paper-piler like I am, you’ve got several stacks of who knows what sitting around. This week, I even tackled my file box. I found receipts for work I had done on cars that I haven’t owned in almost 10 years. Random worksheets from my kids from the middle of the year. Doctor visit printouts from when my kids were toddlers. Gone! And it felt great.

6. Magazine thinning. Do you have a stack of magazines piling up that you’ll get to, eventually? Well, eventually just arrived, my friend. Start flipping through those pages, and make sure to toss them when you’re done!

7. Clothing sorting. Have you noticed the sleeves getting a little short on your youngest child? Pants looking like they’re waiting for a flood? Is the weather changing, and it’s time to pull out the next season’s clothes? Do it now. It doesn’t take much effort or thinking to sort through clothes, and if you have children, it’s a task that needs done more often than we’d like. 😏

8. Cuddling. And don’t feel guilty if that’s all you do today! No one will remember how productive you were today, but your kids, your husband, or even the puppy will remember the quality time you gave them. Sometimes we just need to slow down and devote an entire day to cuddling on the couch. 💕

9. Working on correspondence. Is it time to address Christmas cards? Is there a thank you note you’ve been meaning to drop in the mail? Could a friend use a few words of encouragement? I find days like today are perfect for things like this.

10. Bible study.  This one I utilized in the wee hours of this morning, when I decided to get out of bed and do something instead of lay around all night, hoping to fall back to sleep.  Sometimes God whispers the loudest in the quiet moments, after our plans have fallen through, or when we don’t have the energy to get distracted with our thoughts.  We’re just sitting, with Him, and listening.  Good stuff happens then.

Now you have 10 ideas to get you started!  Pin them for later, or keep them in mind the next time you’re feeling drained, but still want to get something done. And if you have any more ideas to add to the list, share them in the comments!

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