Back to School Supply List for homeschoolers

It’s more than a week into August already! As summer always does, it’s kissed us with it’s warmth and relaxation beforeheading right back out the door. #itsneverlongenough

We started school this week.

Alexis and Amerie hard at work!

Alexis and Amerie hard at work!

It’s 2 weeks later than I wanted, and one week later than last year, but that’s okay. We like to be done by the end of May, and that’s still an option. 🙌

In honor of all the prep I’m doing to get ready, I thought I would put together a different kind of back to school supply list. The homeschool kid’s school supply list.
Every year, I see moms wander the aisles with a list for each child, and this year I wondered about moms who are new to homeschooling. This is the best time of year to stock up on school supplies, but what will you really use? We’ve been at this for over 5 years now and I’ve definitely bought too much of one thing and not enough of another. So…

Back to school supply list for homeschoolers

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1. Paper
When we began, I stocked up on loose-leaf paper, because that’s what I used in school. Plus, it’s cheap. But I found that in reality, I ended up with papers all over my house and I could never find the one that we needed. Now, I stick to notebooks. If we need a loose sheet, most notebooks are perforated and we tear it out. We also love composition notebooks, too.
We use notebooks for:
-math lessons
-daily journal
-spelling practice and tests
-dictation work
-science experiment write-ups
-daily lists of work to do
-doodling when mom is reading

2. Pencils
We go through A LOT of pencils, and we’ve tried them all. For years I bought the cute patterned packs for $1. Don’t do it. They don’t sharpen correctly, the lead breaks, and the kids fight over who had which pencil and who stole it from whom. Stick to Ticonderoga, baby!

3. Red pens, and colored pens.
I use a red pen for checking an assignment after its completed, but a lot of time I make my kids go back and fix the incorrect work. I check it again with another color. There’s freedom here and many colors…have fun with it!

4. Sticky notes – lots of them!
We use them for all kinds of things. Bookmarks in the books we’re reading. Notes to help me remember what to work on with a specific child. I also write down my son’s reader and bible chapters for the day and he sticks it on the front of his bible before heading off to a quiet spot. We can never have enough sticky notes.

5. Index cards.
Flash cards. Research paper notes. Items for memorization.  ‘Nuff said.

6. Binders
I have one colored binder for each child (they each have a color) for our instructor’s guide/schedule/worksheets, and one binder they’re in charge of to hold things they’re proud of, like artwork, writing assignments, tests, etc. They decorate each themselves.

7. Erasers
Lots. You’ll need lots.

8. Pencil sharpener. I’m currently drooling over these, and hoping to add one to our homeschool room soon…

Our current sharpeners are this type, and a little FYI for you…this sharpener is currently the #1 product sold in Home & Office supplies at Amazon.  The more you know…

9. Rulers

10. Crayons, glue, scissors, construction paper. And anything else you want, if you’re the crafty type. 😏

11. Small dry erase boards and markers.  We use these every day, instead of scrap paper, for math and language arts. My kids also love doodling on them while I read to them, or their waiting for me while I finish up with another child.

12. Pencil boxes.  I stocked up on the cheap pencil boxes a few year’s back, and I’m so glad I did.  They’re handy for crayons, pencils, and similar items, but I’ve also used them for storing flashcards, math manipulatives, and even my recipe cards. One of my kids even uses one as her piggy bank.  Love them!

That’s the basic list of homeschool school supplies. You don’t *need* fancy trapper keepers, 2 packs of dry erase markers per child, and a gallon of hand sanitizer. 😉 The rest is up to you and how you want your “classroom” managed, because you are the teacher.

Come back tomorrow for a School Supply List of organizational items, now that you’ve conquered supplies!  If you’re looking for celebration ideas for the first day, click here.

Here’s to an awesome year! 👍🙌




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