2017 Goals


It’s January 25, 25 days into a new year. I know the “normal” way to do new year’s resolutions, at least for me, is to announce them on the 1st, fail by the 30th or so, and quit. 😏 So I call mine “2017 goals,” because it’s day 25 and I’m still progressing, and failing at them is a party of the process, as long as I get back to it. Quitting is not on the radar.

My goals for this year are pretty simple. I want to simplify my life, partly through KonMari, which I LOVE and have been at for over a month, and partly by letting go of the goal of supermom/superwoman and trying to Do All The Things. If you’ve read my blog posts in the past, it’s probably pretty evident that I am chronically stressed, I worry a lot, and I’m always discouraged with myself. I don’t want to live like that anymore. 😐

I also have a few regrets. I have some financial debts that hang over me every single day, so by 2018, Lord willing and providing, I’d like to have them all paid off. I need to let that guilt go. I’d also like to get my daily act together, whatever that takes, so my house isn’t overwhelming when I look around, and we have some sort of school routine that my kids and I expect each day.

And finally, which I just decided upon and it brought me here to my blog…I’d like to find a new social media presence. I love Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, but lately, Facebook has been dragging me down. I feel so disappointed in humanity and I can’t even handle it anymore. 😞 I need a break. So far, Instagram is a safe space and Pinterest is mostly a search engine for me, so I’ll be hanging out there. But I think I’ll be posting on here instead of Facebook, for awhile. Maybe forever. Who knows. I just need…quiet…and Facebook feels so very, very noisy.

Can you relate?

That’s where my head is, on day 25 of 365. Moving towards peace and quiet, in a world running in the opposite direction. I’m not burying my head in the sand, because I feel that’s disobedient for light in a dark world. Just finding some rest. 🙂

Please feel free to comment, and let me know you’re here. ❤️

Aimee, Lexi and I at a Christmastime wedding

Aimee, Lexi and I at a Christmastime wedding

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